There shall be bloggage.

Right, I think this is working…

Hello and thanks for swinging by. I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing here yet, but in general I’m thinking this will be a place where I witter on about my books and the ups and downs of being a working writer.

In all honesty, it will probably also be a place where I ramble on about all manner of things, such as what I saw at the flicks recently, what I’m listening to, what I’m reading, what I’m currently finding inspiring and what I think should be confined forever to the lowest pits of Hades. This will be my own little corner of t’interweb where I can stand on my soapbox and blab about whatever Random Stuff I feel like blabbing about.

There are lots of great blogs out there (see the links off to the side), and an awful lot that are absolute shite – I hope that mine edges more towards the first category, but hey, I aint promising anything.

So without further ado, I’ll start the ball rolling.

What am I working on at the moment while not procrastinating and setting up this blog*?

A couple of things.

I’m currently working with the good folks at Black Library on the follow up to my novel Knight of the Realm, which I’m thoroughly enjoying. I’m very much liking coming back to those characters and the setting after almost year away from them.

I’m also doing some work with Mantic Games, which is proving to be good fun. Check them out.

On top of that, I’m tinkering away with something that I’m very excited about… but I’ll remain hush-hush about that for now…

What am I reading?

Blood Pact, by Dan Abnett, and damn good it is, too. Also, re-reading On Writing, by Stephen King, and cringing at all the things I forgot about since last time I read it…

What am I listening to?

Pink Floyd. Brings back repressed memories of being abso-fucking-lutely terrified by The Wall when I saw it as a kid. I haven’t got it yet but I’m also looking forward to listening to the new album from Alice In Chains, as I’m hearing good things about it.

What am I watching?

Slowly working through the complete series of Frasier with my (super awesome) girlfriend. Great stuff. Also, re-watching Rome. I think it might almost be time for another viewing of Deadwood. Holy-hell, that’s a good series.

I’m planning on updating this site with more information as I go, including adding ‘designer’s notes’ about my books (an idea I am nicking from good mate Graham McNeill), and adding more links. However, I think that’s quite enough bloggage** for one day, so I’ll get to all that when I get to it, and it is time now to do some real work. Eek.

Until next time…

*I think the word ‘blog’ is probably one of those things that ought to banished to a fiery hell, but hey.

** Bloggage really does sound like some kind of bowel complaint, something that would probably be solved with prunes.

9 Responses to “There shall be bloggage.”

  1. Good first post – good place to start. Looking forward to more.

  2. well, I’m a huge fan of the Word Bearers series and (coming here) was hoping to get some info regarding the upcoming novel, Dark Creed. you’ve finished it, obviously. care to share something with us? general plot line(s), maybe?
    I’ve never been all that patient, so… yeah! throw us a bone. plz. πŸ™‚

  3. Ross O'Brien Says:

    “Blog”, short for “Web-log”. But yeah, it’s not a nice word, it almost sounds like it’s trying to swear…

  4. Great first post, I look forward to continuing reading. Also, I highly applaud the decision to be rewatching all of Frasier, not enough people do this. Sherry, Niles?

  5. Welcome to the mad, mad, world.

    And as for ‘On Writing’… I’m not a great fan of Stephen King, but the autobiographical stuff at the front of that book had me laughing like a drain in places. Particularly the tales of his older brother’s Experiments With Electricity…

  6. Bennylicious Says:

    Hey mate, good to see a blog from you (it does sound like some sort of fecal thing doesn’t it?) and good to hear that the follow up to KotR is currently in progression. Brets are one of my favs, and as far as I’m concerned the duel at the end of KotR was coolest I’ve read in a long time.

  7. Zombieland, dude. Go and see it, and laff your ass off. Just rewatched Rome Season 2 last weekend to buoy myself up for more Crown of the Blood frolics. Mark Anthony is still awesome.

    Good luck with everything, I’ll stick a linky on Mechamster for you.

  8. Bastiaan Vergoossen Says:

    Dear Anthony,

    I’m a big fan of the Word Bearers series and I have to say those books are really great !!!

    These books contain very nice characters and superb battles scenes. The characters really are special and their cooperation ( or not ??? ) is very interesting.

    Really, Dark Apostle and Dark Disciple are some of the best 40 K books I have read ! I’m not exaggerating ! Really well done. My compliments !

    I was never that much interested in the Word Bearers, and although I’m at the Emperor’s side, they are one of my favourite legions now.

    I have 2 questions and would be very gratefull if you would answer them.

    – Are there going to be more Word Bearers books after Dark Creed or will this be the last book of the series ? ( hopefully there will be more ! Please ! )
    – Would you like to write about the Word Bearers in the Horus Heresy series ? ( off course I have read Scions of the storm, which was also very nice, but I mean a whole novel ) Perhaps have a view at Marduk at Calth or Kol Badar at the siege of Terra ?

    Since your Word Bearers are absolutely fantastic, it would be very nice in my opinion if you would write a whole novel about them for the HH series. Perhaps about the battle for Calth ?

    The battle scenes in dark apostle were really great and massive, so therefore if you would write the novel about Calth, I think it would become great.

    Best wishes from the Netherlands and please continue your great work and the Word Bearers series ! As it is written …………..

    Bastiaan Vergoossen.

  9. I’ve found my way here from Nick Kyme’s blog and thought I’d have a read πŸ™‚

    I’ve heard great things and read great comments about your Word Bearer’s books and though I have to admit I’m not really a Word Bearer’s fan (yet!) I will definitely be giving your books a read πŸ™‚



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