For honour!

Just a quick one.

I’m currently putting the final touches to Questing Knight, the follow up to Knight Errant and Knight of the Realm, and should be sending the manuscript across to the good folks at Black Library later on tonight. Phew! It took a little while to get my writing mojo firing, but I managed to build up a good head of steam as the story progressed. Lots of gribbly nastiness – it does take place in cursed Mousillon, after all.

Currently reading: Courage and Honour, by top mate Graham McNeill, which I’m enjoying thoroughly. Good to see Uriel back with the Chapter and kicking Xenos arse with aplomb. Rah. I recently re-read Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book, which I love love love, and wish I’d written. I’ve also been reading a little Fritz Leiber (starting from the beginning of the Fafhrd and Gray Mouser stories), but it’s not holding my attention, unfortunately.

Currently watching: Movie-wise, I loved Avatar, and going back a month or two, snagged free premiere tickets to Where the Wild Things Are which I thought was brilliant. Looking forward to seeing them both again. On the small screen, I got a heap of DVDs for christmas, which I’ve been working through, including Inglourious Basterds (needs a second viewing before I pass judgement) and the latest Battlestar Galactica instalment, The Plan (disappointing).  I’ve also recently re-watched The Blue Planet, which is, for me, hands down the best doco ever. Oh, and I can’t bloody wait for The Pacific to start!

Currently listening to: Nothing much new, really. Nine Inch Nails and Metallica are currently on repeat while I’m writing. In particular, I’m listening to The Fragile quite a bit, as well as Ghosts (all 36 tracks worth), and Death Magnetic. In lighter moments, listening to lots of aussie folk/blues/roots stuff like the Audreys, the Waifs, Newton Faulkner, Lisa Mitchell, Xavier Rudd, Lior, etc. All good stuff.

Till next time.

10 Responses to “For honour!”

  1. I think Fritz Leiber definitely hits his peak through the middle of the Fafhrd and Grey Mouser stories, once he’s found a comfortable style and knows his subjects. Towards the end it all goes a bit nonsense and concentrates too much on his fetish for shaved young girls and bondage…

  2. Whenever I hear Neil Gaiman, one thing always comes to mind.

    That thing?

    A letter to him saying:

    ‘Dear Mr. Gaiman,
    Why so scary?


    • Ha, pretty apt, Xhalax. Whenever I see Harry Potter, and see Alan Rickman as Snape, I always think he is channelling Neil Gaiman. Or perhaps the other way around.

      • It’s odd, because I think the only thing that they got right with the Harry Potter films was the casting of some of the adult characters…..and Alan Rickman as Snape I thought was somewhat inspired.

        Creepy as hell because it’s Alan Rickman as Snape…but quite awesome too.

      • Yeah, I like the casting of the teachers, and Snape best of all. I keep thinking he will say something about cancelling Christmas, though…

  3. Ahem, Hi. I Just wanted to know when exactly did our Lord and Savior, Lorgar, lock himself up in the Templum Inficio for an extended leave? Was it right after the Heresy or a bit later on. Plus kudos for gunning down the 4th(?) Company Captain, I strangely thought he deserved it.

    • Hi Comon. When did Lorgar lock himself inside the Templum?
      Er… at some point between the Horus Heresy and the action taking place in Dark Creed… Sorry not to be able to be any more clear than that… Time flows weirdly inside the Eye of Terror, of course, etc etc… (ie. I don’t know.)

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