Pappa Nurgle

This week I’ve mostly been sweating, staggering around in a fevered daze and coughing up delightfully disgusting things of various green/yellow shades. Nice. I blame this fellow.

Ironic really, given some of ideas I’ve been talking about with my editor at Black Library, Nick Kyme. I guess Pappa Nurgle approves and has decided to show me his favour with some special attention. Aint I the lucky one.

8 Responses to “Pappa Nurgle”

  1. Smells like a Death Guard trilogy…

  2. Bastiaan Vergoossen Says:

    Dear Anthony.

    I finished Dark Creed some days ago. My compliments on another great word bearers novel ! It lived up to the high expectations created by dark apostle and dark disciple, and that’s saying a lot !

    It was nice to have them battling other astartes this time, the White consuls. This really made things exciting : who should win ? Which warrior would win the duel and so on. It looked as if it was possible that everyone could die. Nice !

    I was cheering for both sides : the word bearers because I know them for so long ( since dark apostle ), but also the white consuls since I’m on the Emperor’s side. Well done.

    I really am looking forward to a new word bearers novel. Have you any ideas on that already ? And could you tell us about ? I hope you are going for another triology. Please ……. ?

    You said you were going to write a new short story about Marduk. Any ideas already ? Perhaps it would be nice to explore the first quarrel between Marduk and Kol badar on that moon, were their difficult relationship started with a murder.

    Finally : I think you deserve the right to write an own Horus heresy novel ! This you proved with the 3 word bearers novels : all different, but al great, each in it’s own way. I hope you get the opportunity to write about the battle for calth, the word bearers side of view. But I have also confidence in Aaron, that he will write nicely about the word bearers in the first heretic.

    Best wishes from the Netherlands,

    Bastiaan Vergoossen.

    • Hey Bastiaan,

      Good stuff, really glad that you liked Dark Creed, and thanks for the compliments. I really liked the White Consuls too, was fun developing them up a bit, since there has not been much written about them.

      I’m throwing a few ideas around at the moment for Word Bearers short stories, actually. I’m definitely interested in exploring what happened between Marduk and Kol Badar on that moon – what is the real source of antagonism between them? – but not 100% sure yet what the first short story will be about…

      As for Heresy stuff, no plans at the moment, but it is a series that I’d love to write for at some point down the track.

      I’m pretty sure First Heretic is going to be damn good. Aaron D-B is a mighty fine writer, and it will be good to see his take on things.


  3. Bastiaan Vergoossen Says:

    Mmm, papa nurgle ?

    Well, does this mean you get to write your own horus heresy novel ? Perhaps about the corruption of the death guard and the first real influence of Nurgle on them ?

    Or a short story about Nurgle ? Horus heresy related or 40 K ?

    Well, whatever it will be, don’t be afraid for the job, because the White Angel is watching over you …..

    Cheers !

  4. Lord of the Night Says:

    Ah some ideas for the Death Guard. Hope you can get that approved, a novel about Grandfather Nurgle’s champions of rot would be sweet to read. If you did write a Death Guard novel could you envision Mortarion playing a role in it?, would be nice to see a bit of the Daemon-Primarchs.

    Also I loved Dark Creed. I had actually been looking forward to it for so long that when I got it, I sat down and finished it in around 6-8 hours. It was amazing, the action was gory and excellent and the conspiracies within the Word Bearers was great to read about. Only thing I wished were different was Burias, he changed a lot in this book. I missed the witty and authority-defying Burias we saw in Dark Disciple. My favourite part is near the end when Grand Apostle Ekodas is killed by the Grey Knights, hilarious!.

    Some Word Bearer short stories would be nice as well. Marduk and Kol Badar’s rivalry beginning would definitely be on my reading list. Other then that there’s two things i’d like to see. Burias and Marduk’s first meeting, when they become sworn oath brothers. And perhaps the Warmonger’s final battle, how he became entombed in the first place.

    • Gotta love a bit of Nurgley goodnees! I agree, it would be kinda neat to see glimpse of the daemon primarchs post-heresy era, but they would have to be done right.

      Glad you enjoyed Dark Creed. Yeah, Burias was a little different, his bitterness started consuming him, and he got a little bit too cocky for his own good….

      All the things you mention for short stories would be interesting… I’ve got one in the works and should start that in around a month’s time I reckon. I must admit I’m quite looking forward to getting back to Marduk and co…

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