Knights of Bretonnia

I’m loving this cover by Clint Langley. Calard looks totally bad-ass. This omnibus version comes out next year, with a good amount of material that does not appear anywhere else.

I’ll follow this post up shortly with another answering all the questions and messages in the previous post, which I’ve been sorely neglecting – many apologies! I’ve been incredibly shite with updating this blog (eight months!?!), and it is high time that I put up a few updates…

One Response to “Knights of Bretonnia”

  1. Anthony dear bro,
    looks as though this will be a read-by-a-crackling-hearth, heroic and thrilling tome. Im glad you went for that with your writing, its obvious your’e immersing yourself man. Keep it going bro, fleshing out the lands of Gilles, your’e on a good path with it all… the Bretonnia book pretty much sired over my childhood, inspired me to join the army at one stage, and write my own little story about a knight who rises to restore honour to mousillon…a shout out to you for that alone, good sir. keep groovin’ mate,

    ~ Albert

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