Writers and self promotion

Marc Gascoigne (he of Angry Robot fame, ex-GM of Black Library, and author of some very old Fighting Fantasy books that I still have on my bookshelf) recently posted a link on his facebook page about writers, self promotion and what to expect from publishers’ marketing departments. If you are a writer (or in any professional creative field, really, or trying to break into becoming professional) it’s a very interesting read. It also put a sad-clown expression on my face thinking about how lax I’ve been with my blogging!

Here’s the link if you fancy a read:


2 Responses to “Writers and self promotion”

  1. Hi Anthony,

    Still waiting for updates. Especially regarding future projects; something Nurglish and /or Raven Guard, if I remember correctly, or has the schedule changed?

  2. Bastiaan Vergoossen Says:

    Dear Anthony !

    When are we going to hear more about Marduk and co ? You said there would be some short stories about him, am I correct ?

    I hope we hear more about the word bearers, and get new novels for them. Those books were some of the best 40 k books I have read.

    It would really be interesting to see them together with the black legion on a black crusade or to see Kor Phaeron appear !

    Thanks a lot for an answer.
    Best wishes, Bastiaan.

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