Games Day Oz On Saturday!

Oz Games day is on this Saturday in Sydney – click here for details. It should be a cracker of a day.

It’s the first Australian Games Day in years and there is a big lineup of guests, including two of my best mates, Graham McNeil and Phil Kelly.

There will also be other Black Library authors (namely Henry ‘Commando’ Zou and the mighty Matt Farrer), so bring your books along to be signed! The Perry twins (figure sculptors extraordinaire) and Adam Troke (the nicest man in the world) will also be in attendance from the Design Studio.

Pirates: now with less Roger the Cabin Boy and more skullz.

It’s also the release day for Dreadfleet, written by Phil – hopefully I’ll find time to give it a try on the day, but knowing how hectic Games Days can be, that might be tricky.

If you are planning on heading along, make sure you pop by for a chat!

My books: I'll sign 'em for treats. Or, you know, if you ask me.

4 Responses to “Games Day Oz On Saturday!”

  1. I passed on your message to Graham. Fortunately, I was just out of arm’s reach.

    • Ha! I probably should have mentioned it might be best to keep your distance when passing on my message. I’ll be able to rile him up in person today – it’s now 5.30am, so his plane should have just landed.

  2. Jarrod Moore Says:

    Hey i went to games day, met you, got your book signed and am still not finished reading it. I’m savoring every single word and may have turned to chaos in the process…

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