Look what I picked up from the post office…

Chaos armour - it's spiky.


The package seems to have had quite an adventure to get here. According to its delivery form, it went from the UK, to the US, to Australia, back to the US (Hawaii, no less), then back to Australia. Curious.

The omnibus is officially released in January.

5 Responses to “Look what I picked up from the post office…”

  1. Ohh that does look good. Woot! Another omnibus to read.

  2. Schneboll Says:

    The book is just as adventurous as its main character Marduk then eh.

    Oh, and Donna you are so attractive right now for reading these kinds of books. 😉

  3. Just read Dark Apostle from the omnibus. Great work! An now for checking out the rest.

  4. Dear Anthony! Many thanks for this Omnibus! This is a really great work! One of the best books i have ever read!
    Saying the truth, Burias is my favorite character.. So, your “Torment” was very hard for me to read. I know, Burias deserved all of this and more! But this story broke my heart!!! 😥
    Looking forward, we (your russian fans) pray, that Dark Gods of Chaos will grant you an inspiration to write more stories/books about Marduk and his Host!)))

  5. Cheers for the comments, guys. There will be more, Roxana, though no new novel planned just yet. I am writing about Word Bearers for a new short story at the moment, however…

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