An update at long last. And a squid.

Yikes. Has it really been that long since my last blog update? That’s a little crazy…

In an effort to make up for that, here is a photo of me with a squid on my head.


So, erm, I’ll try and blog a bit more often then…  And in the meantime:

What I’m reading: 

The Omnivore’s Dilemma, by Michael Pollan. Very thought provoking. I saw him speak at the Opera House some months back, talking about food, food production, factory farming (and how it’s bad for us, the animals, the environment), sustainable farming methods, etc. I really want to have my own little farm now. One day!

Also doing quite a lot of re-reading of Dan Abnett’s Know No Fear

What I’m listening to: 

Xavier Rudd’s Spirit Bird. Dead Can Dance’s Anasastis. Fiona Apple’s The Idler Wheel

As well as plenty of Rage Against the Machine, System of a Down, Red Fang, etc. Was listening to lots of Sun Kil Moon until I saw him in concert – wonderful musician, but geez he acted like an arse, and I can’t bring myself to listen to his music for now.

Oh, and Nine Inch Nails and the soundtrack to Inception are still my go-to writing music choices.

What I’m watching: 

Not very much, which is rather nice actually. My TV viewing is pretty much restricted to watching the rugby – which of late has meant watching the Wallabies lose to the All Blacks. Sigh. Hopefully we can beat the Springboks on Sat night.

I’ve also been watching the latest season of True Blood – I’m about half way in to the season. Good fun.

What I’m writing: 

Something that may or may not involve Word Bearers…

Games Day

Oh, and it’s Oz Games Day on Sunday in Sydney! I’ll be there along with fellow authors Gav Thorpe, Matt Farrer and Henry Zou. Be sure to pop along to the Black Library stand to say g’day. Hope to see some of you there!

6 Responses to “An update at long last. And a squid.”

  1. Mate,

    Please tell us that the (admittedly brilliant) short story in the latest, is not the end of my role model (trying to be vague, no spoilers here)??? I am still hurting over losing Khalaxis

    …oh and Chosen of Khorne is genius.

  2. Lord of the Night Says:

    I second what Danconners says. Please don’t let Marduk and Kol Badar end here, they have so much of the Imperium left to destroy.

  3. Hey guys, nah, it won’t be the end for them… not that I’ve figured out exactly how to get them out of the predicament they currently find themselves in just yet…

    Glad you liked Chosen of Khorne, danconners. I’m really pleased with how it turned out. And damn Kharn was fun to write.

  4. Benjamin Sephton-Smith Says:

    Loving your work – especially inspired by Scions of the Storm, but a little confused, the Artificials and the Obsidians, do they have glass legs of metal legs? The reason I ask is I’m building an army based on them and wanted to do the models justice – I would also like to send you one when it’s done so if you can let me know the best route to post a model to that would also be awesome 🙂

    • Hi Benjamin, thanks mate! I always saw them as having glass legs and silver arms – but how you interpret them is up to you, of course. Would love to see what you do with them – and I’d be thrilled to have one. Shoot me your email address, eh?

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