Wanna win a signed copy of Chosen of Khorne?

So, my beautiful girlfriend and I are off travelling the world in 3 weeks time (and I’m planning to do lots of writing along the way) – so I am currently doing lots of cleaning, boxing up, storing, chucking out and selling stuff. Fun. While doing this, I came across a spare copy of Chosen of Khorne that I’d not given to friends or family, and thought it’d give it away to someone.

Grr. Arg.

Grr. Arg.

So, here’s the deal. To score yourself this copy, I want you to tell me who, in a Black Library story/novel/audio/whatever,  you would most like to see Khârn fight, why, and who you reckon would be the victor. 30k, 40k – whatever. Bring on the smack-down!

I’ll leave this comp open for a week, so will pick my favourite response next Monday evening, Sydney time. Make sure to leave your details so I can get in touch and find out where to send the signed audio if I choose your entry as the coolest/funniest/most generally rad.


12 Responses to “Wanna win a signed copy of Chosen of Khorne?”

  1. Husker2236 Says:

    Sigismund. Because he supposed to be one of the finer duelling warriors in 30k and id love to see his helm split in half by Kharn, plus you never find out how Sigismund dies as far as I know….Bring on refined skill vs the refined murder ma

  2. Lucius the Eternal! Not only because they make up 40K’s dichotomy of violence, but because they both have such personal tales of betrayal; so much in common & so different. And there is such backstory with Fabius Bile and Angron’s Legion wide implants. Then again, Fabius Bile would be a fun fight. What would his Rod of Torment feel like to Kharn?

  3. Got to be Gregor Eisenhorn from Dan Abnett’s Inquisitor series. Eisenhorn is possibly the ultimate bad ass, what other decrepit old man can claim to taking down a Chaos Dreadnought with ease? Kharn might have 10,000 years of experience on his side and consummate skill with a chain axe, but Eisenhorn’s level of preparation and shear skill would give old Kharn a run for his money!

  4. I’d pay money to see Kharn and Ragnar Blackmane (the original third edition Ragnar, not Bill King’s emo Ragnar. Sorry, Bill.) throw down. The potential for unbridled ferocity would shred the pages of any paperback, cover to cover. However, Kharn would walk away with a new fur stole. He is, after all, the most fashionable of Khorne’s chosen.

  5. Would love to see kharn butchering a gk grand master!
    Immune to psyic powers can pic kharn with the gk weapon sticking through him gk trying to activate it kharn laughing as he starts to tear him apart

  6. Chris Peall Says:

    Scout Sergeant Cyrus of the Blood Ravens, from Dawn of War 2. He has possibly the least Space Marine voice and most irritating script ever. To know that Khan wears his skull into the 51st millenium would be bliss. It would be the shortest of e-shorts but well worth it. Cyrus would certainly let off a wet leopard growl at the sight of Gore Child!

  7. In a BL story, I would love to see Kharn v Eldrad. 40k’s most powerful psyker desperately seeking to survive against an opponent who Khorne protects… Even after slaughtering his way through a Seer Council, Eldrad would have to lose to this ultimate badass.

    Plus, screw that guy. I hate Eldrad.

  8. There’s no doubt that Khârn is exceptionally favored by the Blood God. There must be ten thousand great fights behind that, including cases where Khorne has tested him. In that vein, it’d be interesting if the Betrayer had ever crossed paths with the Skulltaker. Unlike Skulltaker, I bet Khârn would not bother with the Eight Words of Sacrifice or make any big deal of it at all. Off comes the daemon herald’s noggin and then immediately on to the next one.

  9. Chris Peall Says:

    Is two choices cheating?

    Tauro Nicodemus. He’s the total opposite of Khan in every way once Khan is lost to the nails. Both rank amongst the best in the galaxy for martial skill and both have a long history. The fight would have a Roman vs barbarian horde feel to it, it’d be loyalist vs traitor, red vs blue; what more could you want? I’m going with Nicodemus to win but at the cost of Khan fataly wounding him!

  10. Chuck Norris. To see who’d be more badass. This duel would last till the end of time (or M42 that is).

  11. Well this is a hard one, ideally I want to see him fight his own nature, I want it to be on skalathrax, fighting alongside his brothers he keeps dipping in and out of the rage, seeing visions of the long dead thousand sons sorcerer he murdered, appearing as hallucinations and kharn delving deeper into madnes untill he snaps and lashes out at all around him, the lingering words of the sorcerer in his head “there will come a time when you look back at all the murder, the hate, and the shame you have committed, you will die on that day, it will break you, and for that I weep.”

    Call it cliche, but kharn is such a good character I want to see how he eventually snapped.

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