My daily writing routine

Here’s a picture I took yesterday that shows a typical day’s writing schedule:


I’ve been using this little white board to keep myself on track each day for a couple of weeks now, and it seems to be working pretty well. I’m not the fastest of writers, and I tend to get side-tracked and distracted easily (er, like right now – I just spent an annoying half an hour trying and failing to get that image uploaded until I tried it from my phone and it worked straight away…), so anything that helps keep me on track is a bonus.

I like this technique as the white board is there right in front of me – it’s a good way of keeping myself honest and accountable.

I was pleased with what I got through yesterday. As well as the writing, I also chopped up a (small) tree that had fallen over in the previous night’s storm, got to the gym, did the grocery shopping with my lady, and ate fajitas, so it was an all-round pretty productive day.

Today though? Hmmm… I need to get back to my writing. Words for the word god!

Anyone got any particular techniques they use to keep themselves on target each day?

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