The Eightfold Path and Chris Fairbank


Yesterday, a new short Horus Heresy audio drama I wrote was released – The Eightfold Path. It features everyone’s favourite blood-drenched berserker, Khârn, before he became ‘the Betrayer’ (and before he became the utter, utter psychopath we all know and love.)

It was great to once again write about Khârn – I really enjoy writing about him. He’s such an iconic character, and he’s been so well written by ADB, that it’s a real honour to step into his blood-drenched shoes. This one was a little different from Chosen of Khorne, set as it is during the Horus Heresy. It takes place just after the end of Betrayer, and shows a small glimpse into how the XII Legion, and specifically Khârn, are dealing with the ending of that (freakin’ rad) novel.

Once again, Khârn is read by the brilliant Chris Fairbank. Chris also voiced Kharn in Chosen of Khorne, as well as in Butcher’s Nails and Christian’s Trials of Azreal. The Germanic accent that Chris gave him is really chilling – I can’t read any of Khârn’s dialogue now without hearing that voice.

He's the Eightfold Path, don't ya know.

He’s the Eightfold Path, don’t ya know.

For those of you don’t instantly recognise the name Chris Fairbank (shame on you), I guarantee you already know him. He was in Tim Burton’s first Batman film (the guy at the start: “What are you?”), was in Alien 3, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (which I haven’t actually seen) and The 5th Element (” as well lots of TV (such as Auf Wiedersehen, Pet) and games (he’s a voice actor in Fable 2 and the Killzone games), among many, many other credits. Check out his page on IMDB.

Seriously, he’s like a proper, grown-up actor. And he’s been reading words that I’ve written. And they’ve like, recorded them and everything. Yes, I’m geeking out a little about that. Image untitled

6 Responses to “The Eightfold Path and Chris Fairbank”

  1. simondewar Says:

    Reblogged this on SIMON DEWAR.

  2. Oh, only just found this blog. 🙂 The Kharn audio was awesome, poor guy, sucks to be him. Thank you for clearing the accent thing for me, I was guessing wildly (and all over the place and totally wrong). Here I hope you do get to write more for him, because I enjoy what you are doing there. 🙂

    Also, thank you a lot for the Lysander story, for once the poor boy got a proper showcase (I am very much not a fan of the way he has recently been written).

    • Hey Lil,

      Welcome! (Eek, which reminds me – need to answer questions and say hello on the Bolthole).

      Glad you liked the Kharn audio – he’s such a great character to write. It was a nice little break to write a short piece about Lysander, too – he’s only the 2nd Imperial Fist I’ve written about (the first has not yet seen print…). Nice change from ‘bad’ guys in red. 😉


  3. Dan Sutherland Says:

    Just listened to the Eightfold Path while painting World Eaters. Brilliant – just disappointed it was so short. Chosen of Khorne is my favourite post-Heresy audiobook released by BL so far…would love to hear more of the World Eaters in general and Kharn in particular. It’s nice to see them being treated as complex and varied individuals rather than just as a monolithic mass of frothing psychopaths!

    • Thanks, Dan. Yeah, it’s a bit short – you wouldn’t have got a heck of a lot of painting done! But that’s how BL wanted it – and it was great fun writing something so short – comes with its own challenges. And I couldn’t possibly comment about writing more about Kharn and the World Eaters…

  4. James Castro Says:

    Anthony, I loved the Eightfold Path and your audio drama (plus Chris Fairbanks’ voice acting) inspired me to do some creative work of my own! I posted about it here:

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