Grail Knight, reviews and Dark Creed

Just a quick one today. I’m still recovering from a flu that’s been hanging around for too long (see previous post), which has seen my work grind to a standstill – its on these days/weeks that not getting sick pay really hurts! Anyway, things are getting back on track, and I’m just about to get cracking on Grail Knight. More info on that soon.

Some of these are old news really, but I’ve just seen a few reviews for Dark Creed.

It’s pleasing to see that people seem to be liking it. I struggled writing this one, and must admit I hit a point halfway through when I wondered if it would get finished at all. It was at about the half way mark when I managed to cleverly lose over 20,000 words with a cut-and-paste/save error of my own devising,which was a bit of a body blow. It certainly reinforced the notion of frequent saves and backups! After that, it took a long time to regain a good flow of work, and I re-wrote, re-worked and re-edited myself silly, not being completely happy with what I was producing. In all, I reckon I wrote about 200,000 words for this book, which considering the final product is about 100,000 words, means I wrote twice as much as I should have, really. Definitely some learning points to be had! Being that it was such a bugger to get written, its hugely gratifying to hear people are digging it.


21 Responses to “Grail Knight, reviews and Dark Creed”

  1. gavthorpe Says:

    I’ve found that the stories/ novels that are the hardest work tend to be the ones that turn out best. Although there’s nothing like breezing through with a natural flow, when we get stuck it makes us have to really think about what we’re writing… It’s a pain at the time, as the days fly past, but the results are worth it in the end.

    I lost 40,000 words of Angels of Darkness first time around… Had to write solidly from Friday to Monday to get it back on track.

    • Well, I definitely prefer it when the story just flows, that’s for sure… When I hit a snag, I usually just step away from it for a bit and change my environment (go sit outside with a pen and paper, start working from the library, go for a walk, etc)… And I hope I never again hit such a massive god-awful wall as I did with Dark Creed!

      40,000 words is a lot to lose. Ouch. Still, Angels of Darkness turned out pretty damn well in the end… I’m guessing it probably turned into a better book for rewriting all that (after you got over the shock)?

  2. Your writing is brillant mate! I am currious if you have any idea of when Questing Knight will hit the shelves?

    • Thanks!
      Afraid I can’t say exactly when Questing Knight is going to be released, as I currently do not actually know… Questing Knight was not written as a full novel, but rather as a novella (30,000 words rather than 100,000)… I think the planned way it will be released is pretty cool, but I cannot really talk about that just yet. When I know more (and am allowed to share), I will let you know here on my blog.

      Ideally, what I’d like to do is write a few additional short stories to build up a little collection of Calard’s adventures as a Questing Knight. There was one in Death and Dishonour, and there is the novella of Questing Knight, but I’m keen to explore a few other tales of stuff Calard got up to around the Old World prior to the novella.

      Sorry to be a bit vague!

  3. Bastiaan Vergoossen Says:

    Dear Anthony,

    Do you already know what the subject for the Marduk short story ( or stories ? ) will be ? And also when it takes place and with what characters ? Before the triology or after ? Could you tell us a bit about it, if allowed and possible ?

    Do you know when these short stories will be published and in what book ? Legends of the space marines, or fear the alien perhaps ?

    Thanks in advance.

    Cheers, Bastiaan.

    • Hi Bastion,

      Yep, I know the subject for the Word Bearers short story I will be working on within the next month or so, but the full synopsis for it is not yet written. At the moment, BL like the idea of it, so I just need to work it up a bit more and give them that longer version.

      The story sits separate from the story arc of the trilogy, and while I’m currently thinking it takes place after Dark Creed, it could take place earlier – have not quite worked that out fully yet.

      It is planned for the forthcoming Favourite Recipes of the Space Marines… and being that it is a little while off (even from being written), its probably a bit early to talk about what happens in it… Hope you can wait that long! 😉

  4. Lord of the Night Says:

    Some very nice reviews for Dark Creed.

    I also have a question. Have you ever considered writing a Dark Eldar series?, your portrayal of them in Dark Disciple is the best ive ever read, even though there isn’t very many Dark Eldar in the 40k novels.

    • Hey Lord of the Night,

      Honestly? No, I haven’t thought about it, really…

      I wanted to do them justice in Dark Disciple, making them seriously nasty and a genuine threat, and they were pretty cool to write about. A novel focussing on them could be fun, though. And by fun, I mean some seriously disturbed fun.

      • Lord of the Night Says:

        Disturbed fun?, a guilty pleasure. Well if anyone does do a Dark Eldar series I hope its you, the xenos need to get their own series, the Eldar are just finally getting their own after years of Imperial only books, thanks to Gav Thorpe for that, and I hope that his Eldar novels start something new for Black Library.

  5. Hello!

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  6. Glad to here GrailKnight is still on the horizon! I spoke with one of the chaps at Black Library Via E-mail and they told me that Questing Knight would not be released as a novel but instead in a couple parts as a novella. The pessimist within me immediately decided that this meant that there would be no GrailKnight, and I almost dyed my beard red and headed for Black Library HQ. Thankfully I stumbled upon your blog and now all is well. Keep up the great work! You and Gav are pretty much the only authors I read these days, and I keep liking what I read!

  7. Lloydy Says:

    I`ve just finished Dark creed…….it`s one of the best 40k books ever. I have been dying to read something with the Necrons in and the fact the Dark Eldar and Slaanesh are in there too just makes it for me. Fantastic book, I didn`t want it to end.

  8. Hey, I just finished reading Knight Errant and Knight of the realm and I really enjoyed them. The characters, setting and fluff I all found awesome (made me start a Bret army, 1st ever wargame I have played) Was just wondering when Questing Knight will be released, on WHSmith and Waterstones it is saying 3rd of May, cant see anything thing on the Black Library website though. Hope you can get back to me, been waiting for it too long ha.

  9. Sorry, never read the comments >.< school boy error. Quite intrested to see how it comes out. I read the short story in Death and Dishonour, was good. Looking forward to hear more as it develops!

  10. Hi Anthony,
    Any news on the Nurgle story you were discussing with Nick form BL? Hope that you had a “Go for it” answer.

  11. Bastiaan Vergoossen Says:

    Dear Anthony,

    3 questions :

    Already started with the word bearers / marduk short stories ? Can you reveal something about them ?

    ( Bit of a spoiler : )

    At the end of Dark creed there is talk about Abaddon and his failures. And that some people think he needs to be replaced. Will the new word bearers books ( which are coming in the far future I assume ? ) have something to do with this subject ?

    Do you intend to give Erebus a bigger role in the future word bearers books ? And are we going to see Kor Phaeron himself some time ? Would be nice.

    Thanks in advance for answering !

  12. EW? ABADDON BEING USURPED? BLASPHEMER! Bow down to the might of chaos undivided, unbeliever! It would be an interesting story if they gave it a crack though. They tried something similiar in Soul Hunter except


    Abaddon can shoot daemon mist. He takes out the main character with one shot (knocks him out)

  13. Bastiaan Vergoossen Says:

    Never ! Away with Abaddon, that weakling. All his 13 black crusades failed ! No wonder there is talk about putting him aside ….

    Yes, I have read that part of soul hunter, but have yet to finish the book.

    The Emperor protects, as always !

    Are you on the black library bolthole forums Karim ? If so, then what’s your name there ? Mine is captain Demeter.


  14. Hi, big fan of your books, I was wondering if you could share any more information about the Darkstar fortress ?

    Is it some sort of superheavy starship, or a mobile space station like the Ramilies class ?

  15. Martin Rice Says:

    Hey Mr Reynolds, got to say I loved Dark creed picked up Dark apostle when it first came out and enjoyed it immensly, the second book with the apperance of she who thirsts was my favorite part, as for me it was proof that the chaos gods DO take an active interest in thier followers and help them… when it benefits, got to agree with other posters here, you’ve got to do a dark eldar novel or short story as got thier sheer nastiness down, and looking forward to seeing more from Marduk and his suprisingly loyal though he hates his guts coryphaus Kol Badar, and if you can get bl to let you kill Abaddon off, pretty please? the guys had 10k years and 13 black crusades to topple the imperium and still it stands and isn’t showing signs of dying anytime soon, if I were the chaos gods I’d be thinking “Lads we’ve given this guy a lot TLC (in a twisted way) and we’ve got no were, fresh blood methinks (lorgar please by slanessh lorgar) who agrees with me?”

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